Pro-tips when registering for Jamboree as a participant

Make sure you’re ready to register by making sure you have the  basics covered –

  1. BSA membership must be current.
  2. Member ID number must be linked in the profile of the registrant’s My.Scouting account.
  3. Your current email is in your My.Scouting account.
  4. Check your email after registering to complete your required disclaimers.

Tip: When registering a youth participant, you’ll need to sign-in using the youth’s my.scouting account. Note: When registering as a participant, no fees will be collected at the time of registration – registration fees will be collected by your local council. 

Scouting’s flagship event is one-of-a-kind. It’s a gathering of tens of thousands of Scouts, leaders, and Jamboree Service Team members that showcases everything that is great about the Boy Scouts of America. Over the course of 10 summer days, once every four years, the Boy Scouts of America gathers together. Scouts and Scouters who attend will explore all kinds of adventures—stadium shows, pioneer village, Mount Jack hikes, adventure sports and more—in the heart of one of nature’s greatest playgrounds. With 10,000 acres at the Summit to explore, there’s no shortage of opportunities to build Scouting memories.

National Jamboree is the best of Scouting rolled into 10 days of friends, fun and adventure! You won’t want to miss out, get ready to Face the Challenge and sign up to attend the Jamboree!

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Contingents (units) can only register for the full duration of the Jamboree.

Councils set their contingent participant fees based on their budget considerations. Councils incur expenses such as the National Jamboree fee, travel, pre-jamboree training, recruitment, tents, and material costs.

BSA National collects $1,285 for every Leader and Youth attending as a contingent participant. The local council collects all contingent participant fees and submits the portion due to National Jamboree in accordance with the National Contingent Fee Schedule.

Minimum of 12 years of age on or before the first day of the Jamboree.

Yes! There is an accommodation for young adult participation up to 21 years of age to attend within a Council Contingent or JST.

Onsite Jamboree programming, Food, Cot, Troop Dining Fly’s, Tables, Propane, Stoves, Troop Cook Kits, Participant recognition package (ex. 2 uniform patches, neckerchief).

Cots are 76.75” L x 33.25”W x 18.25H

No.  This is a cost activity that will be lower than public rates and more information will be sent this Spring regarding rafting reservation options.

Food restrictions such as Kosher, Halal, Celiac and Nut allergies will be honored.
In addition, there are many Gluten-free and vegetarian choices in our menu’s. The information included in our menu documents  address ingredients  and  notifications  to assist all Jamboree  participants in avoiding items that may cause allergic reactions or discomfort.  Note the Menus and ingredients will be included in contingent menu information.  You may also opt to bring additional shelf stable supplements.

Scouts BSA units will be camped in areas based on gender specified portables (showers/restrooms).  Camp areas will be separated by barriers such as roads or swells so that campsites are defined.  Council contingents (multiple units/partial units) can travel to the jamboree together as long as BSA policy is followed.

For partial units they will be grouped with other like units prior to the jamboree to insure minimum BSA requirements/policies are met.

Ex. a Scouts BSA female group of 2 adults and 8 youth can travel to and from the jamboree with Scouts BSA male counterparts but when they arrive at Jamboree they will be camping in separate units.

The registration system will close at midnight Eastern time on April 30, 2023, to allow adequate time for various orders to be placed / received and the implementation of processes that are specific to the number of attendees, such as credential ordering, registration packet assembly, etc.

If you are currently registered or if you register by October 31, 2022, there will be no change in the base fee.

If you register ON OR AFTER November 1, 2022, There will be a 14% increase in the base fee for Jamboree due to the National Council effective November 1, 2022 – this may or may not mean an increase in your registration cost, but you’ll need to contact your local council to know if that will affect you.  Since local councils set their own fees, which often includes transportation, equipment and/or recognition items, the fee increase may or not impact you. 

For more specific planning info, check out the Resource Library & Document Library (COMING SOON).

important tips before you apply

  • PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing an issue in the registration system that is preventing BSA member numbers from being recognized, and is only presenting International attendee options. We expect the issue to be resolved by end of day Tuesday, July 14th. Please wait and come back on Wednesday, July 15th to complete your Jamboree application. Thank you for your patience.

  • To review the BSA Privacy Policy please click HERE.
  • Attention JST applicants: We are aware that the balance due reflected on some JST records is not giving credit for the submitted deposit, making the remaining balance due appear more than it should be. Our team is working to correct the issue. The registration fees for JST have not changed. This will be corrected as soon as possible. When making subsequent payments, you can edit the amount you are paying to correctly reflect your intentions. We thank you in advance for your patience.
  • All applicants must have a current BSA membership.
  • All applicants must have their own My.Scouting accounts, regardless of age. You must not add a youth’s BSA member ID to the parent’s My.Scouting account.
  • If the applicant does not have a My.Scouting account, use the “Create Account” button below to create an account first.
  • The username and password to the applicant’s My.Scouting account will be needed to access the Jamboree application.
  • The BSA member number must be linked in the profile of the applicant’s My.Scouting account.
  • The Jamboree application is populated from the data in the My.Scouting account. Make sure your information is correct in My.Scouting before you begin the Jamboree application! The functionality to update profile information only exists in My.Scouting, not in the Jamboree application.
  • Attention International applicants: Verification of membership and good standing by your National Scout Organization is required. Please be aware that there may be a delay of 60 or more days before your application may move into the placement phase.