Marketing Resources

Get the scoop on how to help promote the Jamboree

See what types of creative assets are available and then go to the BSA Brand Center at the Link Below to Download and Use. 

Kick Start Your Marketing Efforts

Use the Jamboree Marketing Checklist to kick start your Jamboree Marketing efforts locally! The checklist walks you through what is available from the BSA to help you with marketing the Jamboree and how to use each of the assets to maximize results. Download the Checklist and get started today!

Looking for specific marketing assets? Make sure to check out the BSA Brand Center

Jamboree Marketing Presentation

The 2023 National Jamboree Power Point presentation is designed to highlight the adventure that is Jamboree! Ideal for unit, district or council presentations. Customize the content to help you recruit council contingents or Jamboree Service Team Members.

Social Media Graphics

Go Forward and share your jamboree message with social media graphic. Use these images and posts to help promote jamboree and invite units and staff.

Print Material

National Jamboree 2023 Social Media Image 1920x1080
National Jamboree 2023 Social Media Image 1920x1080

Postcards, posters, fliers ready for you to print locally. Great leave behinds for meetings, and events.


Wide variety of jamboree promotional videos to help you tell the jamboree story in your unit, district or council. Downloadable links for hi-res videos.

Stock Images

A picture is worth a thousand words! Use these stock jamboree images to invite contingents and staff to be part of the 2023 National Jamboree.

Web Banners

National Jamboree 2023 Web Banner 300x250
National Jamboree 2023 Web Banner 2100x600

Web banners in a variety of sizes and designs – perfect for unit, council and district web sites.

Licensed Logos & Imagery


Need a Logo or graphic for a web site, social post, presentation?
Looking to use a logo or image for merchandise like apparel, patches or luggage?
Check out the BSA Licensing Page for a listing of Licensed Vendors. 

Custom Jamboree Merchandise

Get ready for Jamboree
with these early release
Jamboree T-shirts!

*only available on Amazon.

Jamboree Promotional Videos

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Jamboree Recruitment & Testimonial videos

important tips before you apply

  • PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing an issue in the registration system that is preventing BSA member numbers from being recognized, and is only presenting International attendee options. We expect the issue to be resolved by end of day Tuesday, July 14th. Please wait and come back on Wednesday, July 15th to complete your Jamboree application. Thank you for your patience.

  • To review the BSA Privacy Policy please click HERE.
  • Attention JST applicants: We are aware that the balance due reflected on some JST records is not giving credit for the submitted deposit, making the remaining balance due appear more than it should be. Our team is working to correct the issue. The registration fees for JST have not changed. This will be corrected as soon as possible. When making subsequent payments, you can edit the amount you are paying to correctly reflect your intentions. We thank you in advance for your patience.
  • All applicants must have a current BSA membership.
  • All applicants must have their own My.Scouting accounts, regardless of age. You must not add a youth’s BSA member ID to the parent’s My.Scouting account.
  • If the applicant does not have a My.Scouting account, use the “Create Account” button below to create an account first.
  • The username and password to the applicant’s My.Scouting account will be needed to access the Jamboree application.
  • The BSA member number must be linked in the profile of the applicant’s My.Scouting account.
  • The Jamboree application is populated from the data in the My.Scouting account. Make sure your information is correct in My.Scouting before you begin the Jamboree application! The functionality to update profile information only exists in My.Scouting, not in the Jamboree application.
  • Attention International applicants: Verification of membership and good standing by your National Scout Organization is required. Please be aware that there may be a delay of 60 or more days before your application may move into the placement phase.